His Music Lives On


Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson who would have been 55 years young today. While it has been nearly four years since his passing his music continues to inspire those both young and old. The nostalgic feelings evoked from hearing even just the beginning of one of his classic songs causes an inexplicable joy that is difficult to replicate. Many of his songs have comforted me in times of joy, moments of sorrow and everything in between. I remember watching in amazement the first time he debuted his moonwalk oh so long ago. While his appearance may have changed over the years, my adoration for such timeless classics has never strayed and my appreciation for his talent is never ending. Although scrutinized and always in the public eye, he had paved the way for many who have followed after him. Others may try but will never compare to his dynamic ability to reinvent himself and remain relevant for future generations. His inspirational lyrics have translated into worldwide causes that could literally be felt the instant he sang.  He will always hold a special place in my heart for what he contributed to music as a performer, as a singer and as an artist.

Happy Birthday MJ.


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