It’s my dad’s birthday today. He passed away when I was 15 and although I visited him from time to time, I barely knew him. From what I could tell, he seemed to love me. The fact that’s even a statement seems odd. What’s more ironic is the fact that my youngest son looks just like him. He is my constant reminder of him. Perhaps the love and affection he provides somehow transcends what once seemed lost. Go figure my son’s name is Phoenix. Happy Birthday Dad.



His Music Lives On


Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson who would have been 55 years young today. While it has been nearly four years since his passing his music continues to inspire those both young and old. The nostalgic feelings evoked from hearing even just the beginning of one of his classic songs causes an inexplicable joy that is difficult to replicate. Many of his songs have comforted me in times of joy, moments of sorrow and everything in between. I remember watching in amazement the first time he debuted his moonwalk oh so long ago. While his appearance may have changed over the years, my adoration for such timeless classics has never strayed and my appreciation for his talent is never ending. Although scrutinized and always in the public eye, he had paved the way for many who have followed after him. Others may try but will never compare to his dynamic ability to reinvent himself and remain relevant for future generations. His inspirational lyrics have translated into worldwide causes that could literally be felt the instant he sang.  He will always hold a special place in my heart for what he contributed to music as a performer, as a singer and as an artist.

Happy Birthday MJ.

Monster High Birthday Spa Party


Recently, I decided to help a friend out with her daughter’s 7th birthday party. She went with a Monster High theme, which seems to be somewhat popular for girls her age (so I’m told). She hosted it at a nail salon after hours for a small group of girls (awesome idea). My job was to plan the decorations and make the goody bags to match the theme. Many of the items were purchased at the local dollar store and simply personalized with the Monster High colors.

Since it was a spa theme, many of the goody bag items were centered around that theme. Gifts inside included a nighttime eye mask, shower puff, chap stick, nail polish and kit, colorful comb, washcloth, monster high stickers and a color hair extension (it’s a monster high thing).

I also created a punch board game, of course with the Monster High theme which actually turned out pretty cool. For a small group in a small space, it was perfect. I simply used a tri-fold poster board and cut out the shapes. You can pretty much tailor it to whatever theme, but would need a larger board for more guests.

When it comes to little girl parties, I think that adding ribbon, sparkles and sometimes feathers is all you need. Happy 7th Birthday Taylor!

Get ready for girly-ness at its best.

Nail polish



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