From One’s Perspective…

Exclusive phone cradle that doubles as a purple duck plushie bed, inspired by Katarina.

Others See: A Duck on a Phone

I See: Limitless Creativity


His Music Lives On


Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson who would have been 55 years young today. While it has been nearly four years since his passing his music continues to inspire those both young and old. The nostalgic feelings evoked from hearing even just the beginning of one of his classic songs causes an inexplicable joy that is difficult to replicate. Many of his songs have comforted me in times of joy, moments of sorrow and everything in between. I remember watching in amazement the first time he debuted his moonwalk oh so long ago. While his appearance may have changed over the years, my adoration for such timeless classics has never strayed and my appreciation for his talent is never ending. Although scrutinized and always in the public eye, he had paved the way for many who have followed after him. Others may try but will never compare to his dynamic ability to reinvent himself and remain relevant for future generations. His inspirational lyrics have translated into worldwide causes that could literally be felt the instant he sang.  He will always hold a special place in my heart for what he contributed to music as a performer, as a singer and as an artist.

Happy Birthday MJ.

Thank You Child for the Kick to My Face, Said No Mom Ever.


I seriously would like to know what crazy gravitational pull occurs when I have sleeping children in my bed and their feet automatically end up next to but usually on my face. Seriously though, what kind of magnetic force causes that to occur because it happens every single night without fail. Despite the fact that I create  pillow barricades, these little 3 feet warriors penetrate my walls with swift kicks that leave me beyond startled while half-asleep I swat away miniature feet. I suppose I could move them back to their bed, but they are so cunning that they sneak in unknowingly during the wee hours of the night/morning when I’m already dreaming about unicorns like in Legend. Which is one of my favorite old school movies, by the way.

Here’s to it being Friday and here’s to a restful night without kicks to the face, back, side or any other body part that should become a target for my little ones.

Writer’s Block and Oxymorons

I have several posts in the drafts stage, yet I can’t bring myself to post any of them at this point. They all seem so bleh that if I post any of them it would only add to my current state of bleh, thereby perpetuating the bleh into my blog and onto innocent bloggers. You are welcome for sparing you from such an unfortunate situation on this fine Sunday evening. Now here I am though, still contemplating what kind of intriguing and interesting post am I going to present to my far from large audience. Blank, once again.
steelclawsInstead I would like to share something with you that is neither intriguing or interesting, but just is what it is. Last night on Cutlery Corner they were selling this huge steel claw. Yes, I said a steel claw. I do not normally watch this channel, but who could resist watching such an odd advertisement from someone who made this claw seem like a must-have. Apparently steel claws are important for…absolutely nothing except for cosplay because I honestly cannot imagine what Wolverine blades would be useful for in real life. They showed a piece of wood to be scratched by the steel claws because that’s the fun way to scrape wood? I don’t get it, but then again cosplay, marvel characters and sharp pointless tools are obviously not my thing.

The Beginning


For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to have my own blog. Every time I decide to create one, it is always based on kids. What the kids are doing and random kid photos. While I love my kids, I don’t always need to blog about them, although it will happen from time to time. For now though , I want to be able to blog about whatever I want to versus “Look at how crazy my kids are.” Even though they are. Welcome to my blog I guess, hopefully this one sticks and I won’t have to ever create another blog on another website that I won’t use ever again (you know exactly what I’m talking about). Blog post one. Done.