Your Bullets, My Impenetrable Forcefield…My Victory

ImageToday was rough, to say the least.

The chaotic moment of the day? Two grown woman shouting their complaints (though they claimed they were not complaining) and attacking me with their words like daggers (though they claimed no attack took place). Let’s just say when you have two mothers and their college aged students who do not appear to be able to think for themselves versus just me, the odds were obviously not in my favor.

Especially when the two mothers decide to go outside and swap stories or perhaps plot what their angle shall be, all is bad in the land of property management. While there were some valid concerns for perhaps one party, it really didn’t excuse their actions of ganging up on the one person listening to their plight. People must learn to not shoot the messenger, no matter how dismal the situation. Coming into the office with a brick wall already built is not going to help solve anything nor is that sour me-against-the-world attitude. Don’t expect to reach a resolution if you are closed minded from the jump. Count to 10 or woo-sah it out, seriously. Be nice people because the way you treat others will come right back to you, ten fold. And yes, I called them out on their bullying. By the time they left, their attitudes were changed, maybe because their mountains were truly molehills. At the end of the day kindness speaks volumes.

End rant.


Poetry and I


I wrote this poem many, many years ago during one of my on-again off-again poetry phases. Poetry has always been an outlet for self- expression and I hope to revisit that part of me again some day. 

Not Good-Bye

During the presence of love between two distant souls,
I squeezed through the cracks and new forming holes,
They may have occurred while lonely was spent,
Or in between rings when feelings were sent,
Upon a shelf, there lie my thoughts of concern,
While on this final page, a new lesson learned,
The warmest affection only given to replace,
Only to discover their hearts sought a new place,
Yet fully aware of the plans on the wall,
Gone was their face, while twice it’d be fall,
A quick embrace for hours shared that ran thin,
A single trace of salt, left to moisten my skin,
A lengthy wave unseen as you soared through the sky,
I’ll always possess a shoulder to lean, so take care not good-bye.