Freeze-Dried Deliciousness

photo (3)My mouth starting salivating the instant I saw these, so much that I just had to make that impulse purchase and give into the strategic placement by those marketing professionals. Even after I opened it to sample the deflated strawberries and lifeless blueberries, my mouth continued to salivate. The small amount of fruit contained in the package was barely a handful, yet somewhat satisfying as made sure to eat them slowly as to savor the compacted flavor of these dried bits of berries.

Today I felt like an astronaut, in my mind


Teacher Appreciation Gift Time

With my little one’s Pre-K Graduation rapidly approaching, I have been prepping the teacher appreciation gifts to be given out this week.  After scouring Pinterest for several days, I was surprisingly not inspired immediately, as I normally would be with such a wonderful website. My biggest problem was that I just couldn’t find anything that I had truly liked to put everything in. While I generally love mason jars, I just didn’t feel like using one nor did I want a basket or some other pencil-esque design that they wouldn’t like.
Finally I decided to just go with a cosmetic bag from Forever 21 and selected a different one for each teacher. Personally, these things are awesome and great for multiple uses.

The other items purchased: bath salts, eos lip balm, hand sanitizer, body cream and a starbucks gift card. All of which are items I would be very glad to receive.
Then I wrapped everything neatly together in cellophane in order to make it easy to place in each bag.


Since I have a large supply of ribbon, I used different bow for each of the bags and then personalized the card from my daughter. I color coordinated the cards (sort of) to match the bags. I used photo paper for the cards because it looked much better and was of course thicker than regular copy paper.
My personalized teacher appreciation gift, all for under $18.00. Obviously the price will also be dependent on how much you add to the starbucks card, but I put $6.00 on each. If anyone would like the template, I would be happy to post it.