Goodbye Old Texts, Hello iPhone Space

20131211-230939.jpgThe face I made when i figured out how to gain more space on my iPhone.

After constantly running out of space when using my phone, I finally discovered that deleting text messages with lots of pics or videos does the trick. Why I didn’t google this along time ago truly boggles my mind.


Thank You Child for the Kick to My Face, Said No Mom Ever.


I seriously would like to know what crazy gravitational pull occurs when I have sleeping children in my bed and their feet automatically end up next to but usually on my face. Seriously though, what kind of magnetic force causes that to occur because it happens every single night without fail. Despite the fact that I create  pillow barricades, these little 3 feet warriors penetrate my walls with swift kicks that leave me beyond startled while half-asleep I swat away miniature feet. I suppose I could move them back to their bed, but they are so cunning that they sneak in unknowingly during the wee hours of the night/morning when I’m already dreaming about unicorns like in Legend. Which is one of my favorite old school movies, by the way.

Here’s to it being Friday and here’s to a restful night without kicks to the face, back, side or any other body part that should become a target for my little ones.