Change Begins Within

Someone close (or once close) to me sent me this picture. I’m not sure what he meant by it because it wasn’t followed with anything other than the picture. Anyway, it reminded me of how far I’ve come over the last couple years because the glow up, as they say it, is definitely real. The left pic was circa 2017/2018 at a time when I didn’t really focus on me both internally and externally (obviously). The right pic was me recently. I have been feeding my mind books that I truly needed to shift who I am on the outside to reflect the beautiful spirit inside. She’s always been there by the way, but sometimes we get lost, sometimes we forget and need to find our way back out to shining like the bright light we’ve always been. My realizations? The outside will never reflect the inside until you have become the person you need to be for YOU and ultimately put YOU first. Does that sound selfish? Maybe to some but 2020 has taught me that just like the oxygen mask on an airplane, if that plane is going down you need to put yours on first as they say (Great book suggestion: Your Oxygen Mask First – Kevin Lawrence). What good are you to others all passed out if the plane is about to crash? Same thing applies in life. Your associations can and will determine the person you become. Take care of YOU and pour into your cup first to be able to then help others. Only when change begins within will the outside begin to reflect the real you. I still have a long way to go but progress over perfection.

Love, light and blessings!