Fond childhood memories of this place (Farrell’s) minus the creepy face on the wall.


A Jar Full of Memories

This is 25 years of button collecting from old shirts, dresses, pants, or basically anything that was being disposed. My great grandmother would instruct her children to remove the buttons and they were stored in this jar. With just one handful, I could feel the stories and memories preserved these colorful pieces of history.

Our Angel from Above


A beautiful sunset reserved for a few,
A breathtaking horizon brings life anew,
Caressed by nature’s touch,
You float through the land,
Touching our lives, with heavy hearts,
We reach for your hand,
A slight breeze whisks through the air,
As your face fades away,
We hold on tight to the memories,
That forever will stay,
The impression you left in our hearts it burns bright,
You are now amongst the stars and brighten the night,
The happiness you brought was by far the most pure,
Such unconditional love,
Stronger than one heart could endure,
Strength shall guide me through my days,
With cherished moments so content,
You were indeed my Angel,
Now I know you were heaven sent.

Love, Mommy