Cleansing (sad face)

Day one of a new cleanse and I want to stop already. Having tried an amazing one first, completely tainted my expectations of this new and different one. Should’ve listened to my friend when he told me that the first one I tried was way better. Two more days of suffering only because I’m not a quitter. Although I may have to starve a little if it means skipping the ones I dislike with ginger. My stomach physically hates me. I would too though. To be continued…


Running with no pants


While that title may sound like the intro to an awesome story, it is merely my description of how I accomplished my daily run on the treadmill tonight. I was not planning on letting the lack of exercise clothing stop me from getting a run in. Of course, I was in the comfort of my own home so the colorful chonies (or underwear for those who have that confused look) were only something for my kids to laugh at as they questioned the fact that I had no pants on. With each day that passes, I feel like my runs seem shorter. I have not weighed myself since I’ve started exercising regularly, nor do I plan to at this point in time. My daily exercise has not primarily been about losing weight (although I welcome that with open arms) but rather to be more active and obviously feel healthier. As I am no spring chicken and since motherhood brings a lovely amount of stress challenges at times, there is no better time to be more conscientious of my health.

I realize now more than ever that eating healthy and being fit is not optional, it’s a requirement.