Because It’s Still Alive

Two Questions
(Although there really could be several)

1. Why didn’t I think of uprooting a plant and selling it with the roots attached?

2. Does it really taste like butter?

Wait, I have a 3rd question, so it’s “absolutely fresh because it’s still alive”? Am I the only person to think that this is just a smidge odd?!


Freeze-Dried Deliciousness

photo (3)My mouth starting salivating the instant I saw these, so much that I just had to make that impulse purchase and give into the strategic placement by those marketing professionals. Even after I opened it to sample the deflated strawberries and lifeless blueberries, my mouth continued to salivate. The small amount of fruit contained in the package was barely a handful, yet somewhat satisfying as made sure to eat them slowly as to savor the compacted flavor of these dried bits of berries.

Today I felt like an astronaut, in my mind

Running with no pants


While that title may sound like the intro to an awesome story, it is merely my description of how I accomplished my daily run on the treadmill tonight. I was not planning on letting the lack of exercise clothing stop me from getting a run in. Of course, I was in the comfort of my own home so the colorful chonies (or underwear for those who have that confused look) were only something for my kids to laugh at as they questioned the fact that I had no pants on. With each day that passes, I feel like my runs seem shorter. I have not weighed myself since I’ve started exercising regularly, nor do I plan to at this point in time. My daily exercise has not primarily been about losing weight (although I welcome that with open arms) but rather to be more active and obviously feel healthier. As I am no spring chicken and since motherhood brings a lovely amount of stress challenges at times, there is no better time to be more conscientious of my health.

I realize now more than ever that eating healthy and being fit is not optional, it’s a requirement.

The Science of Happiness

100 Ways to HappinessIn addition to being a mother, I would have to say that I’m almost a workaholic. From taking care of the kiddos to working my two jobs, then doing little things here I am constantly going going going. Moments of solace do not present themselves often, but when they do I  like to read books such as 100 Ways to Happiness. Books like these are short, compact and easy reads that make reading much more doable for those who don’t have much time to spare. This book is one that provides some wonderful (and I don’t use that word often and mean it) advice on ways to happy habits, a happy body and a happy life just to name a few.

Some of my favorites topics:

– Reduce the “shoulds”
– Look at your upbringing objectively
– Spend time with positive people
– Plant optimistic thoughts

The entire book is worth reading, but those are just a few topics that you know you should take into consideration, but don’t truly do it until someone else reiterates their importance. While I may not have the opportunity to start a novel, I feel somewhat happy to know that I’m taking a few minutes here and there out of my day to read books that will hopefully provide me with the mental tools I will need to live a more happier and healthier life. If you haven’t read it already, definitely check it out.

Squats and Inappropriate Photos


I just had my teen snap photos of my bum (for before and after comparison, of course).

I have officially jumped on that squat bandwagon. I am doing the 30 day squat challenge that everybody has seen on instagram, facebook and everywhere online. So, hopefully the photos of my rear will be motivation to get things in gear and continue the daily challenge. I’m actually looking forward to pushing myself and I suppose I’ll put some other challenges in the queue should this one prove to be successful.

Hopefully I will get signed off tomorrow from my eye doctor and be able to start running again since he removed the possessed muppet that I had in my eye (post regarding that may or may not follow sometime). In other news, cucumber water has been delightful to quench my summer thirst and makes drinking eight glasses a breeze.