Yo Ho, Yo Ho…A Pirate’s Life for..Phoenix


With my three year old’s birthday party in the books, I can finally relax a little bit and not have to worry about what else we may need for the party. After a week of preparation and doing projects here and there, I can finally turn off “pirate mode” (possibly forever) and move onto other things on that never-ending to-do list that seems to only exist in my mind.

The theme was actually a quite fun one. I ended up personalizing a bunch of things for the party in order to make it more special for him, from bubbles to graham cracker goldfish, I have the tendency to take things to another level.

ImageWe ended up hanging sheets above the tables that were secured with rope to give it a more pirate-y feel. My eldest made an awesome watermelon shark and marshmallow pirate pops that were actually quite good. The biggest surprise was that the local grocery stores did not have a basic pirate cake that I could. However, I was able to provide a photo that they were able to scan and create something cool as pictured in the top right photo. It also was great that the cake tasted good and not just like thick layers of sugar and food coloring.

Overall, the kids had a great time with all the goodies and of course the bounce house was Phoenix’s favorite part of the party while the other two little ones said the piñata was their favorite part. My favorite part…the end.

(top to bottom: banana prisoners, sifting for jewels, and pirate attire)

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