My Feta Rant

Curse you SLO Greek Festival for serving the most delicious gyro (yee-row) that I’ve ever had making all others pale in comparison.

You would think that such delectable simplicity would be easily replicable but that is not so. Basic ingredients include: lamb, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, tzatziki sauce and last but not least feta cheese.

My most recent disappointment stems from my first time visit to a local “gyro” place that served me a gyro minus that almighty feta that I failed to ensure was included. I cannot begin to explain how disappointed I left my taste buds as they were waiting for that highly anticipated feta to make an appearance. With each bite I took, I had hoped the feta was merely being shy and would proclaim it’s presence but most of all it’s deliciousness. I suppose I was being naïve in thinking that feta would have been included but at the very least, I firmly believe the option should have been presented in which case I would have most definitely shouted at the top of the mountaintop and said “YES!”

When I think feta, I think Greek. According to, it is “a white moderately hard and crumbly Greek cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk and cured in brine.” To not include this tasty GREEK cheese causes me to SMH in disbelief. Whilst I am far from being Greek, I’m pretty sure that feta makes gyros taste better. Actually I would have to say that’s a matter of fact (well at least in my case).