Words, Actions & Influence

throughitFor the record, I was never one to share religious thoughts or quotes with others very often. Sometimes I would question why people who constantly do it, do it. I’ve realized that people aren’t necessarily doing it to preach to others per se, but rather to remind themselves of the path they’re on. Now this may not apply to all, but in my case, I share what I share to perhaps allow another to use what I provide but more so to be my own reminder. I believe that no matter what you believe in, whether God, Buddha, Jesus Christ, etc., there is a foundation for whatever you believe in. This foundation is extremely important because it shapes who you are, who you will become and your belief system in which you will share with all those around you. Some maybe be saying, well I don’t believe in a higher power or being, that’s okay because you still have an opinion which you stay true to and that may continue to be passed down to others. So why all this talk? 

I strongly believe that our influence spans beyond what we comprehend. Your wave hello to a stranger can alter their day in a way you have no idea. That one conversation that you have with a friend, co-worker, significant other can shift their mindset to unlock the potential they needed to get to their next level in life. Conversely, negativity can have the opposite reaction. I’m not a preacher and I’m barely a writer (yes, I need to do it more), but what I will say is that our words influence our actions and our actions dictate our influence (to a degree of course). So with that being said, speak VICTORY into others especially yourself and have awareness in the influence that you have in this world. We have the power to bring about change in others, influence others and become the best versions of ourselves while being that light others may sometimes need. Don’t dim your light for anyone. Shine bright and may God Bless you all (or whoever you believe in). 



Gashes Should Trump All

20131209-111352.jpgSo I get a phone call this morning that both of my kids are in the nurse’s office, one with a bump and one with a gash. The school recommends for me to come take a look at the gash and after checking it out I take my five year old to the doctor. At 930 am it was a cut but appeared to need to be pushed together and could probably use some glue. The school office said that it seemed like she could return right after and it should be a quick fix.

When I got to the doctor’s office they told me the soonest appointment would be at 12 ish. They then said I could wait for the doctor to check it out. I asked if they could just take a peek to let me know of it required stitches or could be glued back together. Flash forward almost an hour later and the doctor takes a look and tells us we need stitches and have to go to the hospital. After waiting for one hour plus the gash expanded and now it past the point of being glued as we had hoped.

While I understand that doctors are busy and that people have appointments, I guess I had expected for someone to assess an injury sooner than an hour plus. Livid and upset after spending all that time in the waiting room for one of the best doctors in San Luis Obispo, I am then sent to the hospital.

So what the bottom line here?

#1 – If your child gets a gash in their chin, break out your first aid kit to put a bandage of some sort on it to keep the wound together. Check out this link for more info. Do not depend on the regular physician to take care of it because there may be a chance it will get worse while waiting.

#2 – Go straight to the urgent care of your local hospital because you may spend double the time waiting. Doctor’s office do not always care if there is blood flowing (unfortunately) and will stick to their schedules. Save yourself the frustration and go to urgent care (especially if your insurance plan covers it).

When I picked her up I thought no big deal, some skin glue should take care if it and now it turned into needing stitches. I’m sorry that I wasn’t that parent that demanded more attention and I guess this will be another lesson learned.

13 Days


Since my last post yet it feels like an eternity.
Guess that’s what happens when writing at least every other days ceases and life happens.

My life has seriously become imbalanced with my long list of to-do’s somehow shifting the gravitational force and wreaking nothing short of havoc in my daily activities.

At a certain point, all I can do is take it one day at a time. One task at a time. One tantrum at a time and just breathe. I must remember why I work so hard and what motivates me to keep moving even though my body may disagree.

“Enjoy your life, no matter how hard it may seem. When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, show the world you have a million reasons to smile.”

Because It’s Still Alive

Two Questions
(Although there really could be several)

1. Why didn’t I think of uprooting a plant and selling it with the roots attached?

2. Does it really taste like butter?

Wait, I have a 3rd question, so it’s “absolutely fresh because it’s still alive”? Am I the only person to think that this is just a smidge odd?!

Coupons Are Our Friends


Although I am not a regular CVS customer, I do happen to appreciate the wide variety of beauty products that they carry. My purchases usually only include prescriptions and less frequently beauty items such as bath salts or make-up. I am definitely one of those people that allow my coupons go to waste by shoving them in my wallet and forgetting about them until their expiration date passes. Well, not anymore (insert image and sound effects for bright rays of light), because I found out that the coupons and rewards do not expire here in San Luis Obispo for CVS. I’m not sure how the policy is in other cities and I truly hope their corporate office doesn’t decide to change their minds after reading my post.

With my coupons in hand, I managed to score this small yet awesome deal. Small steps towards saving money. I had a $4 and $5 reward coupon plus a $5 off any $15 purchase.

My entire purchase came to a whopping $0.39 cents. While many of these items may not be appealing to all, for a woman who enjoys nail polish, it is a total score. White, blue and clear nail polish and nail polish remover was purchased as seen to the right.

IMG_3222In addition to that awesome deal, my receipts included yet another $5 reward AND a $5 off any $15 purchase. Keep in mind that rewards can be stacked AND used with the discount coupons. If you are also signed up for email coupons, do not forget to print them out. If you send the coupon to your card, it will expire when the coupon expires.
Saving your rewards is the way to go until you can simply use them all at once and get some great deals in the process. Since CVS carries lots of household items that anyone is sure to need, if you play your coupons (and rewards) right, you just may walk away with items for next to nothing. (now I know how those extreme couponers feel, sort of).

The Science of Happiness

100 Ways to HappinessIn addition to being a mother, I would have to say that I’m almost a workaholic. From taking care of the kiddos to working my two jobs, then doing little things here I am constantly going going going. Moments of solace do not present themselves often, but when they do I  like to read books such as 100 Ways to Happiness. Books like these are short, compact and easy reads that make reading much more doable for those who don’t have much time to spare. This book is one that provides some wonderful (and I don’t use that word often and mean it) advice on ways to happy habits, a happy body and a happy life just to name a few.

Some of my favorites topics:

– Reduce the “shoulds”
– Look at your upbringing objectively
– Spend time with positive people
– Plant optimistic thoughts

The entire book is worth reading, but those are just a few topics that you know you should take into consideration, but don’t truly do it until someone else reiterates their importance. While I may not have the opportunity to start a novel, I feel somewhat happy to know that I’m taking a few minutes here and there out of my day to read books that will hopefully provide me with the mental tools I will need to live a more happier and healthier life. If you haven’t read it already, definitely check it out.

Squats and Inappropriate Photos


I just had my teen snap photos of my bum (for before and after comparison, of course).

I have officially jumped on that squat bandwagon. I am doing the 30 day squat challenge that everybody has seen on instagram, facebook and everywhere online. So, hopefully the photos of my rear will be motivation to get things in gear and continue the daily challenge. I’m actually looking forward to pushing myself and I suppose I’ll put some other challenges in the queue should this one prove to be successful.

Hopefully I will get signed off tomorrow from my eye doctor and be able to start running again since he removed the possessed muppet that I had in my eye (post regarding that may or may not follow sometime). In other news, cucumber water has been delightful to quench my summer thirst and makes drinking eight glasses a breeze.