Gashes Should Trump All

20131209-111352.jpgSo I get a phone call this morning that both of my kids are in the nurse’s office, one with a bump and one with a gash. The school recommends for me to come take a look at the gash and after checking it out I take my five year old to the doctor. At 930 am it was a cut but appeared to need to be pushed together and could probably use some glue. The school office said that it seemed like she could return right after and it should be a quick fix.

When I got to the doctor’s office they told me the soonest appointment would be at 12 ish. They then said I could wait for the doctor to check it out. I asked if they could just take a peek to let me know of it required stitches or could be glued back together. Flash forward almost an hour later and the doctor takes a look and tells us we need stitches and have to go to the hospital. After waiting for one hour plus the gash expanded and now it past the point of being glued as we had hoped.

While I understand that doctors are busy and that people have appointments, I guess I had expected for someone to assess an injury sooner than an hour plus. Livid and upset after spending all that time in the waiting room for one of the best doctors in San Luis Obispo, I am then sent to the hospital.

So what the bottom line here?

#1 – If your child gets a gash in their chin, break out your first aid kit to put a bandage of some sort on it to keep the wound together. Check out this link for more info. Do not depend on the regular physician to take care of it because there may be a chance it will get worse while waiting.

#2 – Go straight to the urgent care of your local hospital because you may spend double the time waiting. Doctor’s office do not always care if there is blood flowing (unfortunately) and will stick to their schedules. Save yourself the frustration and go to urgent care (especially if your insurance plan covers it).

When I picked her up I thought no big deal, some skin glue should take care if it and now it turned into needing stitches. I’m sorry that I wasn’t that parent that demanded more attention and I guess this will be another lesson learned.


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